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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Resolume Arena 6.0.0 For Mac

Resolume comes in to two edition: Avenue and Arena., the former more for solo survivalist and independent Vjs, the latter more for bigger-budget production.( I could talk about where that line is technically, but frankly with all visual software. this  comes down to the fact that part of the user market has more money to spend because they get paid more. That in turn funds the development of the tools, so no complaints.

New Feature

- Layer groups and masking: Layers can have sub-groups, expanding that powerful layer metaphor, and a layer can work as a mask. So that changes how the whole tool works creatively.
- It's easier to manage and trigger clips: Persistent clips and locked clips make it harder to lose or accidentally trigger clips, respectively. you can also trigger next and previous columns, for scenes of clips. That should work well as they say for theater shows and the like.
- There' Ableton link support: Easy networked sync with Ableton Live, iOS apps, desktop apps, other instances of Resolume- everything that supports the Link sync standard, even without Midi.
- The interface is easier to manage: without masking Resolume hyper-modular(like something like VDMX). the developers have at least give us more flexibility. You can drag things around, and the UI works better on bigger screens. Most importantly, previews are more visible.
- Text generators and effects: see above, also: how to make the sponsor happy. Hey. you need to eat...

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