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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Resolume arena 6.0.0 For PC

Resolume Arena is a complete Visual Jockey (VJ) software, real time video effect and composite software for blending display in live performance. Resolume is a powerful virtual video mixing that can play multiple layers without skipping, can create and combine audio and video visual effects, can handle multiple live inputs with real-time rendering.

 - Fixture editor.
 - Audio Analysis to Sync with visuals.
 - Audio effects and video effects.
 - Apply effects to your video in Live. 
 - Demo footage. 
 - Blending with two or more projectors.
 - Can play on any amount of screens. 
 - Screen folding. 
 - Screen output. 
 - Slice flipping.
 - User interface. Easily to add Audio and Visual Plugins. 
 - Match, scratch and adjust tempo. 
 - Variable DMX. Virtual screen routing.
 - Improved crosshairs. Projection Mapping on any surface
 - Stream visuals with other apps in real-time.
 - Capture and play Live Cameras etc. 
 - Mix and match your Videos in Live input slice rotation. 
 - Layer router.

Resolume Arena 6 Full allows you to plays both audio and video files at the same time, has audio effects and video effects, automatically fade between clips, support Multiple VGA output, and so on. It gives you everything you need in visual mapping, layer masking, geometry correction, screen warping, lighting, edge blending, fireworks and other something that allows you to control how the desired projection.

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